Notes Made Easy

Note taking provides an accurate summary of what is said, so that meeting, lecture and conference content is easily absorbed by everyone.

Note taking enhances student learning and assists in the workplace. It promotes inclusion by unlocking content into carefully summarised and formatted notes.

Easily accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, have low vision or those with learning disabilities or who are using their second language – what is noted can be detailed or simplified depending on the user’s requirements.

Our note taking service is delivered remotely using highly skilled notetakers. All we need is access to your live audio and we deliver back your notes as soon as your class or meeting is finished.

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Why Use Note Taking?

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Improved Accessibility

Note taking provides a comprehensive summary of your content to grant access for everyone. Note taking greatly benefits people who are deaf or hard of hearing, are blind or have low vision, have learning disabilities or physical conditions, or are using their second language.
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Better Comprehension

Note taking provides a complete summary of key points within your class or meeting, allowing for information to be easily understood by everyone. This greatly boosts comprehension across multiple topics from the classroom to the boardroom.

How Our Note Taking Works


A remote notetaker listens to the live audio from your lecture, tutorial, meeting or conference. They then provide accurate and clear summaries of the discussions, instructions and important information. As soon as your session is over, we’ll send your notes directly to you.

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    Provide your audio to the notetaker

    Use the weblink provided to send the audio from your computer or dial the provided number from your phone.

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    Our notetaker goes to work

    We create accurate, summarised notes of your class, meeting or event.

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    Receive your notes

    At the end of your session, we email you the notes as an editable document.


Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries
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Increase outcomes and accessibility for all students
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Connect with your audience and boost your reach
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Create a more accessible working environment for everyone

Why use Ai-Media?

Our remote note taking service is quick and seamless to set up, accurately and professionally conducted, and easily understood by everyone.

We have over 10 years’ experience providing live access services. Our clients include international universities, and workplaces of all sizes. These clients frequently share our produced notes within the workplace for improved comprehension of important information. To request our note taking services, simply get in touch with our 24/7 team.



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