Save time and maximize the value of live captions with SubSilo, a simple-to-use cloud solution that allows you to view, search, edit and archive live captions of an entire session as raw text.

SubSiloTM is trusted by major broadcasters and government bodies.

Accessible from any web-connected device, SubSilo generates easily searchable transcripts of live captioning sessions. Through an intuitive web portal, staff members or business associates with secure access can view live captions in real time or download them after the session. SubSilo ensures all your live captioning sessions are archived, fully searchable and protected by encrypted security.

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Why choose SubSiloTM ?

How can SubSilo help your organization?
SubSilo can provide invaluable efficiencies for organizations in a range of industries, including:


SubSilo allows journalists to quickly find quotes and access accurate transcripts of live captioning sessions. They can also easily search archived captioning sessions for historic quotes or information.


Parliamentarians or municipal members can easily see what someone just said during a live session. SubSilo also reduces the costs of compiling Hansard-style official records and improves speed of access to same day proceeding information for member offices.


SubSilo makes it simple to transcribe and manage minutes for Annual General Meetings and other critical meetings. Attendees can quickly access important information shared during meetings with instant access to fully searchable transcripts. SubSilo also supports post-meeting editing of any transcripts that are incorrect, incomplete or required to be struck from the record.

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A highly secure, easy-to-manage cloud solution

Trusted by some of the world’s most important organizations, SubSilo offers world-class security and seamless integration with your tech infrastructure.

  • Customizable permissions, source IP whitelisting and Single Sign On (SSO) integrations ensure your content is safe and secure
  • World-class encrypted security takes local and international privacy laws into consideration and assists compliance with customer confidentiality obligations
  • SSO capability makes it quick and easy to access SubSilo
  • Customization allows you to integrate transcript timestamps with existing video storage platform APIs
  • Compatible with both human and Automatic Speech Recognition captioning approaches
  • Access SubSilo through the iCap public cloud or your own iCap Local private cloud

Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries

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