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Captions provide access.

We provide live captions and captions for recorded materials for:

Making websites accessible.

Let us make your website content accessible like we offer a large number of our corporate, government and education clients. Find out more.

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Instant access at the speed of speech.

We built our own live captioning platform delivering access to people all over the world. Find out more about Ai-Live

Do you love TV?
We do too.

We provide live and offline captions for over 50+ television channels.
Find out more.

We provide captions compatible with the following players

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Why provide captions?

Improve your SEO

Improve your search engine visibility by making your video content SEO friendly.

Access to all content

Make your videos accessible to the deaf and


Improve comprehension especially for those for whom English is an additional language.

Want to learn more about live captioning your content?