Make your online content accessible and search-friendly

Optimise your content for search, make your videos SEO friendly and accessible to all with closed captioning and transcripts

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Live captioning


Add live captions to your online lecture, forum, panel or webinar.

Closed captioning


Add closed captioning to your online videos to provide greater accessibility and make the content of your videos searchable by search engines.


Image of handheld devices displaying transcript

Make your online video and audio accessible to a wider audience and visible to search engines by adding a transcript of all spoken words.

Audio Description


Make your visual content accessible to those who are blind or have low vision with audio descriptions. Find out more.

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We make content accessible.

We’re always working to open up content by adding captions. It’s another way we give back to the community, improving lives, one word at a time. To see this content, visit our Facebook page.