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Live Captioning:

The art of converting speech into text in real-time.

How Live Captioning Works

We use highly trained captioners and stenographers who listen to the live audio stream and re-speak or type what they hear, including punctuation and grammar, into text which is then streamed over the internet.

We deliver live captions to some of the world’s best.

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View Ai-Live captions streamed to your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you are in the world.

Ai-Live is a captioning and transcription service providing access to people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Our live captions transform the professional and educational experience of deaf and hard-of-hearing people by providing immediate access to the spoken word. Ai-Live captioning provides you with real-time, speech-to-text delivered remotely to any connected device.

We've been making live captions for years. Are you ready to start?

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