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We deliver live captioning for thousands of companies all over the world making their live content accessible.

How live captioning works

View Ai-Live captions streamed to your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you are in the world.

Ai-Live is a captioning and transcription service providing access to people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Our live captions transform the professional and educational experience of deaf and hard-of-hearing people by providing immediate access to the spoken word. Ai-Live captioning provides you with real-time, speech-to-text delivered remotely to any connected device.

How does Ai-Live work?

Ai-Live turns every web-enabled device into a piece of magic. Spoken words appear on the screen seconds after they are articulated. To achieve the highest quality standard, we use highly trained captioners and stenographers who listen to the live audio stream and re-speak what they hear, including punctuation and grammar, into the Ai-Live system which is converted into text and then streamed to your live device.

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