From live captions to closed captions and transcripts, we’ve got you covered.

You know your students and what they need. Just give us their timetables and let us know if they need live captioning or captions for the recorded lectures, or both. Then, we book their entire semester and simply deliver access for your students, week in, week out. And the admin? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that too. You don’t need to download or upload anything. We’ll integrate into your system to make the process totally seamless and hassle-free.

So whatever your students need, we’ll help you help them.

Live captions

Your lecture and tutorials can be fully accessible with live captioning. You can offer access to all students for the same price.

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Your recorded audio and video files can be transcribed with the ability to turnaround bulk content in under 24 hours.

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Closed captions

Leading universities are adding closed captions to their lecture recordings which we deliver at high speed and accuracy.

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Case Study

Deakin University record thousands of hours of lectures every semester, so their students can review their lectures as many times as they need. This allows them to completely understand complex concepts like string theory, so their knowledge would rival that of Dr Sheldon Cooper PhD, from The Big Bang Theory.

The Challenge:
How to deliver this content in an accessible format and in a timely and reliable manner.

The Solution:
So here’s what we did. First, we spoke to the Disability Services team and got the student’s timetables. Next, we spoke to the team who look after their lecture capture platform and we created a system that allowed our computers to talk to their computers. We gave them the timetables and before we knew it, lectures were being automatically sent to us to be captioned. We captioned them in a specially required format and sent the caption files straight back to their computers, so students could watch the newly accessible lectures.

Now that our computers have got a taste for talking to other computers, they really want to talk to new and interesting computers, so let us know if you think your computers are keen for a play date.

Let us do the work for you

We integrate inside your lecture capture system. At the conclusion of each lecture, recordings are automatically sent to us for creating transcripts and captions. Once completed, these are automatically added back to the lecture recording and become instantly visible to your students. We can integrate with the following players:

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