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Add captions to any live stream with Falcon, our virtual live streaming caption encoder.
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The affordable way to caption streams

Perfect for in-person and live streamed events, the ease of use and flexible pricing options (monthly subscription, annual subscription) make this solution an easy choice. This solution is perfect for Event Producers and Event Managers looking for a straightforward and flexible solution.

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Falcon Live Streaming RTMP Encoder

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Simple to set up and scale, Falcon brings the best of affordability and cloud technology to IP video encoding. It’s the ideal captioning solution for live streaming producers, allowing you to easily add captions to your RTMP/S live streams with just a few clicks and without any hardware.

As a budget friendly alternative to SDI encoder hardware, Falcon is the perfect solution for:

    • Education & e-learning
    • Government & corporate meetings
    • Entertainment & events
    • Independent productions
    • Caption service providers looking to offer a new service


Combine with Lexi for a fully cloud, automated solution  

Easily combine Falcon with our AI-powered LEXI automatic captioning solution for an end-to-end, self-service cloud captioning platform that’s completely hardware-free. Everything you need is available in the cloud with just a few clicks. 

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Falcon delivers a range of benefits, including:

Simple Setup

    • Simply provide your streaming destination to Falcon, change the upload URL in your streaming encoder, provide the unique access code to a captioner, and watch the captions roll in!

Compatible with Most Streaming Services

    • Falcon is compatible with Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events, Twitch, UStream, Wowza Streaming Engine and Streaming Cloud, LiveStream Enterprise, Videolinq, and more.

Affordable and Hardware-Free

    • Falcon is an affordable cloud-based service that takes the place of hardware encoders that are out of the price range for many streaming productions.

Powered by iCap

    • Falcon operates on the same iCap Cloud Network that a majority of US TV networks trust for captioning live content daily, connecting you to thousands of transcription providers and automated captioning options.

Falcon Live Streaming RTMP Encoder is available in a range of flexible subscription options depending on your requirements.

    • Monthly package: Choose a monthly subscription package aligned to your captioning requirements
    • Annual package: Our annual Falcon subscription is perfect for those organizations running multiple events throughout the year

Starting with Falcon, our Live streaming RTMP encoder, is SIMPLE:

  1. Register: Click ‘Start Falcon subscription’ and you’ll be taken to our Cloud Services portal where you can set up an account
  2. Choose your Subscription Package: Select your Falcon subscription type
  3. Need a captioning solution? Simply add LEXI AI-powered automatic captions for full captioning solution that can deliver captions that rival the accuracy of human captions, at a fraction of the cost. Plus you can add on other solutions in our LEXI Tool Kit including LEXI Translate

It’s quick and easy to set up Falcon.

All it takes is three simple steps:

    1. Self-configure your Falcon account or contact EEG Support with details of your streaming platform, destination and desired caption transcription agency.
    2. You will receive a private link to uplink your stream through
    3. Falcon will then forward your stream, with live captions added, to its final destination URL.

The forwarding process does not re-encode your video, is completely private (with RTMPS option enabled), and adds only 1 second of latency with typical stream settings.

HTTP, RTMP, and H264 Technology Models

Falcon can merge live captions with your video stream in three ways:

    • Most Popular: Embedding of Closed Captions into an RTMP packaged H264 or HEVC video stream – works with Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events, Wowza Streaming Engine, Twitch, LiveStream, VBrick, IBM Watson Media, and most other live streaming video products.
    • Embedding of text Closed Captions into RTMP onTextData or onCaptionInfo messages – useful for alternative video codecs and legacy workflows.
    • Direct HTTP uplink to the streaming platform, separately from the video uplink – works with services including YouTube Live Events and VideoLinq, and useful for custom web display integrations.

Seamless for Caption Agencies

Captioners connect to Falcon through the same methods used to caption television programs and live events all over the world, with a secure and personalized iCap Access Code for each client channel. Once Falcon’s Access Code is entered into their software they are instantly connected to your stream.

Case Study

Eventage and

LEXI & Falcon help global brands simplify captioning


The Challenge


Facing growing viewer demand for captions, both Eventage and needed an affordable and highly accurate solution to simplifying the process of captioning their live streams.


The Solution


Our AI-powered LEXI automatic captions and Falcon IP encoder provided both organizations with all the captioning technology they needed in one easy-to-use cloud platform. It allowed them to caption their live streams with up to 98% accuracy via an agile solution that’s quick to set up, manage and customize. Both organizations also saved significant time with streamlined cloud captioning workflows.


Products Used


  • LEXI
  • Falcon
Lexi plus Falcon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Falcon is designed for time-limited streaming events like conferences or corporate town halls. It’s compatible with all major live streaming platforms, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events, Twitch, UStream, and many more. To use Falcon, you must be able to output an RTMP or RTMPS stream from a streaming media encoder.

Our SDI and IP captioning encoders are suitable for broadcast TV in the USA (in CEA-708 Standard), or in DVB regions like the UK, Australia, and the EU (in OP-47/DVB Teletext standard.)

All our IP and SDI caption encoders are compatible with third-party automated and human captioning services. However, by using AI-Media’s LEXI automatic captions or human captions, you can build an end-to-end solution without the costly and time-consuming need to integrate third-party offerings.   

Yes, LEXI automatic captions work with our entire suite of encoders. This includes: 

  • Alta: A virtualized, API-powered IP video encoder that saves time and reduces costs with next-gen workflows.
  • Encode Pro: An HD-SDI encoder trusted by major TV networks worldwide, offering low-cost, low-latency caption display.
  • Encode 4K: A native 12G encoder that allows you to fLEXIbly work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces while encoding in 4K or HD-SDI. 
  • Falcon: A budget-friendly cloud encoder that makes it easy to add captions to RTMP/S streams.  

The iCap Cloud Network offers a range of benefits, including: 

  • Higher bandwidth audio to captioners for increased clarity and word accuracy 
  • Enhanced security, with all iCap connections encrypted and authenticated 
  • Seamless transitioning from hardware-driven to software-controlled environments 
  • Seamless interoperability with AI-Media’s range of captioning solutions 
  • 24/7/365 connectivity to thousands of certified third-party caption partners worldwide 

We offer a comprehensive range of on-premises, virtualized and cloud encoders covering SDI, IP, RTMP/S and 4K. Our most popular encoders include: 

  • Alta: A virtualized, API-powered IP video encoder that saves time and reduces costs with next-gen workflows.
  • Encode Pro: An HD-SDI encoder trusted by major TV networks worldwide, offering low-cost, low-latency caption display.
  • Encode 4K: A native 12G encoder that allows you to flexiIbly work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces while encoding in 4K or HD-SDI. 
  • Falcon: A budget-friendly cloud encoder that makes it easy to add captions to RTMP/S streams.  

The CCMatch delay parameter allows our IP caption encoder users to match video and audio with live captions with perfect synchronization to the end viewer. CCMatch also aids in production and clipping by making sure live captions are contained completely within a segment, without overhang from programming into commercial blocks.

Falcon only works with RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) input (livestreams), while the physical encoders work with SDI input. A physical encoder can have some additional benefits, like captioning closer to real-time, which can help for in-venue options like CaptionCast or open caption outputs.

With our LEXI Translate product, yes. However, you need to make sure your workflow can accommodate multiple languages.

A Falcon instance would need to be created for each additional livestream.

Falcon is compatible with any platform supporting RTMP-embedded captions, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Wowza, Vimeo, Twitch and Vbrick.

The file format Falcon produces post-stream is a .scc file. You can locate the .scc file via the ‘Download Captions’ tab within your Falcon instance. Once you’ve downloaded the .scc file, you can then use our Caption File Converter product (via your EEG Cloud Account) to convert the .scc file to the following file format types:
  • WebVTT
  • Timed Text Markup Language (TTML)
  • SubRip (.srt)
  • Scenarist SCC
  • SAMI (.smi)
  • ECF
  • EBU Subtitles (.stl)
  • Plaintext Transcript (.txt)

At present, Falcon does not have any output capture functionality.

The latency that’s added and passing through Falcon to your video stream is about one second. It really depends on the keyframe you set in the video itself. A typical setting is to have a keyframe rate of about one second, which will make your pass-through delay on Falcon about one second.

No, LEXI is its own subscription fee.

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