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3 Benefits of Remote Delivery Captions in Education 

Hybrid learning – mixed learning done both on-campus and from home – is becoming increasingly common around the world. 

This change in the learning environment means students and teachers need flexible solutions more than ever before. 

Thankfully, remote technologies developed by companies like Ai-Media mean we can deliver accessibility services to you in any location. 

And these remote services are more budget-friendly, faster and more flexible (not to mention COVID-safe!) than engaging a captioner to attend your session in person. 

Here are three excellent reasons to try remote delivery of your captions and accessibility services

1. More Affordable

Getting your captions delivered remotely means that your captioner can create captions for your content from a different location.  

This is more budget friendly than on-site captioning because it means you do not have to pay for the time taken for your captioner to travel to the venue. They can caption your session seamlessly from their office or their own home – with the support of Ai-Media’s cutting-edge technology. 

You also only have to pay for the duration required for the session, instead of an entire class or event that doesn’t necessarily need captions. 

2. Faster

Having your captioner caption remotely to your location also means that their availability is more flexible, and they can be engaged more quickly.  

Remote captioners can also work in teams, and they can be swapped seamlessly to provide rest periods and cover for unexpected events. 

3. More Flexible 

Universities are increasingly making use of, and indeed depending on, web-conferencing software and applications to hold online classes and meetings. 

Remote live captions can be set up for all the popular platforms including ZoomBlackboard CollaborateWebEx, and Adobe Connect.  

If there’s a platform you use that you’re not sure is compatible with captions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  

What we provide 

At Ai-Media, we provide the vast majority of our captioning remotely. Our live remote captioning services feature the following: 

  • Sessions that are accessible on any smartphone, tablet or laptop without needing any software to be downloaded; 
  • A large pool of experienced captioners, which enables us to call on a stable pool of live captioning resources, even at short notice; 
  • A human-generated live captioning accuracy score of 99.6%; 
  • Each live captioning session, we deliver has a coordinator on shift at all times (who are also captioners), ensuring technical issues may be promptly resolved; 
  • We are able to receive video or audio in a variety of ways, including by internet videoconferencing or video casting and telephone. 

We also offer captioning services for pre-recorded content, which are 100% remote! 

Want to know more about remote captions for your classroom or live stream, or other remote accessibility services? Get in touch with us.


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