Making your live content accessible

We offer everything to make your live content accessible. Whether you broadcast on television or stream to your own YouTube channel, host live events to a global audience or deliver classes to a single student, our suite of live accessibility products ensures nobody misses out on what you are delivering.

Broadcast Captions

Through the power of accurate captions, everything from breaking news, blockbuster dramas and international sporting events have been opened up to new audiences. We’ve helped broadcasters make thousands of hours of content accessible to everyone.
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Broadcast Subtitles

Subtitles are the simplest and most efficient way to translate your content in any language. The rising popularity of international programming means more audiences are relying on subtitles to access broadcast content.

Captions (CART)

Live CART captioning is a speech-to-text service which delivers captions remotely to almost any screen – computers, projector screens, tablets or smartphones. Meetings, events and classes are made accessible through live captions.
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Streaming Captions

Our live streaming captions appear as text overlaid on the video stream during your broadcast or event. Our stream management services include sending your stream to any of the popular video streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Zoom.
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Audio Description

Audio description is the narration of the key visual elements in a video to provide access to people who are blind or have low vision. Audio description ensures everyone has access to a wide range of content from TV, movies, marketing content and more.
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Note Taking

Note taking provides an accurate summary of what is said, so that meeting, lecture and conference content is easily absorbed by everyone. It promotes inclusion by unlocking content into carefully summarised and formatted notes.


Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries
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Reach your whole audience and meet regulations
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Increase outcomes and accessibility for all students
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Connect with your audience and boost your reach
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Create an accessible working environment for everyone

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