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CART captioning is a speech-to-text service which delivers live captions remotely to almost any screen – computers, projector screens, tablets or smartphones. CART stands for Communication Access Real-Time Translation.

Live captioning provides accessibility and inclusion to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captions can be displayed as a full screen of text in real-time, or embedded alongside your presentations or videos.

Our live captions are used in the workplace, at events and in the classroom.

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Why Use CART Captions?

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Improved Accessibility

Deliver an inclusive experience for people who are deaf or hard of hearing by providing direct access to spoken content in real time. Live captions open up meetings, lectures, events and more to everyone, so nobody misses out.
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Better Comprehension

Allow everyone to understand what is said in the workplace, classroom or in daily life. Live captions also boost literacy, reading speed and vocabulary, especially for students and people with English as an additional language.

Increased Engagement

Improve engagement and encourage full participation in conference calls, meetings, job interviews, events and classes. Live captions, delivered to any web-enabled device, enable full access and inclusion of all.

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Live Captioning Features

Send to Any Device

Our live captions can be delivered in real time to any web-enabled device.
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Display Options

Display your way – our live captions are flexible to meet your needs.

Platform Integration

We integrate directly with leading lecture capture and media management systems.
images of the platforms Ai Media integrates with. Mediasite, Panopto, echo 360, blackboard, kaltura, tegrity

Formatting Options

Using our caption viewer, easily customise the look and feel of your captions. Choose from a range of fonts, colours and sizes that are applied instantly to your live captions. Our formatting options include the OpenDyslexic font, as well as settings for colour-blind viewers, and those with low vision.
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After your captioning session is completed, we can provide a full-text transcript of the live captions from your meeting, event or class.
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Simple Text Captions

For students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), we provide live captions in a simple text format which removes figurative and metaphorical language, and includes formatting to support comprehension for a variety of learning styles.
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How Our CART Captions Work

Our highly trained live captioners remotely listen to your audio and create your captions in real time.

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    Send us your audio

    Our remote captioners can connect to phone calls, webinars, Zoom, Skype, AV desks and live streams.

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    Our live captioners go to work

    Live captions are sent to your screen, laptop, tablet or smart phone in real time.

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    Receive your transcript

    A transcript of your captions is delivered as an editable document at the end of the captioning session.


Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries
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Increase outcomes and accessibility for all students
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Connect with your audience and boost your reach
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Create an accessible working environment for everyone

Why use Ai-Media?

We are at the forefront of live speech-to-text CART captioning. For 10 years, our captions have been transforming events, conferences, meetings, seminars and classes through accessible captions.

We have provided live captioning services for Georgetown University, Cambridge, Macquarie University, Deakin University, CSU and many more.

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