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There are a growing number of ways to stream your content online, whether on Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube or directly to your viewers on a website or app. Most live streamed content is consumed through social media on mobile phones, and many users are choosing to watch without sound. In fact, 85% of Facebook video content is watched silently. Without live captions, content quickly loses audience attention and fails to make any impact.

Using our live streaming service, we can add live captions to your stream, as well as provide full end-to-end stream management. Our live captions are in sync with your audio and can be embedded as closed captions into your stream or overlaid as open captions, depending on your preference. Our stream management services include sending your stream to any of the popular video streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn and Zoom.

For events, conferences and webinars with complex technical requirements, we provide end-to-end streaming and captioning management. Our live streaming service ensures easy setup, improved content accessibility and increased message reach.

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Why Add Streaming Captions?

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Improved Accessibility

Adding captions to your live stream makes your content accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and assists people who have English as a second language.
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Better Comprehension

Whether you’re a marketing influencer trying to reach followers or a gaming channel streaming e-sports, live captions provide better comprehension of what is said, and boost audience engagement.
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Reach Your Whole Audience

Because 85% of social media users watch videos without sound, it’s vital to communicate your message through text. Captions also grab user attention from the outset and hold viewers’ attention for longer.

Increased Engagement

Including captions on your live stream allows for a better audience experience, with longer view times and more interaction with your brand or personal channel.

Our Streaming Services

Streaming Captions

We add captions to your live streamed video in real time. Live captioning provides access to the dialogue during any video stream using text on screen. Our captions are in sync with your audio and can be embedded as closed captions into your stream, or overlaid as open captions, depending on your preference.

Live Stream Management

We offer end-to-end stream management services for sending streaming video to any major platform. Send your stream to us, and we can restream to any social network or hosted stream platform, and even add captions. Our team work directly with you throughout each and every event to meet your specific needs.

How Our Streaming Captions Work

Captioners watch your stream as it goes out live and create captions from the audio. Your stream is then sent onto its destination, for example your Facebook page, with its live captions.

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    Place your booking

    Just tell us when your stream is happening, and where you want to show it.

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    Link your destination

    Using our platform, you can set-up your stream to publish to Facebook, YouTube or anywhere you need.

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    We do the rest

    We assign you a professional captioner, help you set up your stream and deliver captions to you on the day.


Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries
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Increase outcomes and accessibility for all students
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Connect with your audience and boost your reach
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Create a more accessible working environment for everyone

Case Study

World Economic Forum 2019

In 2019, Ai-Media teamed up with the World Economic Forum in Davos, an event that brings together some of the best minds to combat world issues. As the official restreaming and captioning partner, we delivered 400 video streams, provided live captions for 153 hours of content from 22 world leaders, with 100% uptime and 99.5% accuracy, all delivered remotely to WEF’s social media platforms – in real time.

Other Highlights

The United Nations, GitHub, F8 (Facebook’s annual summit), Amazon’s Re-invent have all used our streaming and CART captions to facilitate seamless event captioning across the world. We have been able to match the highest standards set by these global leaders in the technology, non-profit, broadcasting, social media and e-commerce spaces.

Our commitment to delivering easily integrated, manageable and highly effective systems for events has always been at the forefront of what we do.

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Why Use Ai-Media?

Ai-Media is an industry leader in live stream captioning. Our services have provided captioning and stream management for the World Economic Forum, Facebook, NASA, Amazon and the United Nations. Our live streaming is quick and seamless to set up, scalable and efficient, ensuring captions have 100% uptime, hassle free.

We regularly help our customers stream everything from sporting and business events on the world stage to interactive live e-sport streams. Regardless of your content, our experienced, hands-on team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

If you need fast and effective captions, or need assistance with managing your live streams, simply get in touch with our 24/7 team.



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