Transcribe Your Video and Audio

Our professional transcription service turns video or audio files into text documents, fast and accurately – giving you complete access to your content.

Transcripts improve comprehension and provide more value from your recorded interviews, meetings, videos, podcasts, lectures, legal hearings and depositions.

Transcription increases search traffic and Google search indexing on your website by making all your content’s keywords accessible.

Our transcription service ensures that all your important information is available as text, fast and hassle-free.

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Why add Transcripts?

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Improved Accessibility

Transcripts, like closed captions, make your content accessible to people that are deaf or hard of hearing, or have English as an additional language. Transcribing your content means anyone can read it, even when they can’t access your original media.
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Better Comprehension

Whether you’re a student revising for an exam, or a lawyer reviewing case notes, reading a transcript of your audio improves comprehension of your content. You or your audience can review your content after production, or while it is playing.
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Increase Search Traffic

Transcripts provide the text that search engines such as Google crawl to index your content. Properly indexed content is ranked higher and attracts more internet traffic. Transcripts also bring out keywords in content to boost your website ranking.

Increase Audience Engagement

Transcripts lead to increased engagement, and double the rate of content completion. Speech-to-text transcription allows for a better audience experience, with longer view times and more interaction with your brand.

Transcription Options


A transcript is a text document that includes all the dialogue from an audio or video file. The names of speakers are included throughout the transcript to clearly indicate who said what. In instances where a speaker’s name is not known, a suitable identifier is used instead.

Transcripts are ideal for maximising access to interviews, videos, meetings, lectures and classes.

Media Alternative Transcript

A media alternative transcript is a written record of dialogue from a video that also includes written descriptions of what is visually happening onscreen throughout. Media alternative transcripts are often a companion or alternative to described video as both products make videos accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. Media alternative transcripts are formatted to be screen reader compatible and are also a fundamental component WCAG compliance.

How Our Transcription Service Works

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    Upload audio or video files

    Upload files from your computer or simply paste the URL from the web.

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    Our transcribers go to work

    Our team of 24/7 professional transcribers transcribe your files with 99% accuracy.

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    Receive your transcript

    Your transcript is available to you as an editable document.


Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries
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Reach your whole audience and meet regulations
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Increase outcomes and accessibility for all students
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Create an accessible working environment for everyone

Why Use Ai-Media?

We offer quick turnaround on transcripts for some of the world’s biggest brands. Both companies and individuals use our transcription services to accurately transcribe meetings, events, interviews and more. This saves time, increases productivity and provides a written record for future use.

To boost productivity and efficiency, add our transcription services to your workflow. To order our high-quality transcripts, simply upload your file and our 24/7 team will get to work.



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