Make the classroom accessible. 

Help students who are deaf, hard of hearing or who have learning disabilities reach their full potential, with live captioning and transcription.

Image of primary students in classroom

Imagine if teaching and learning in the classroom was visible, and feedback to teachers was meaningful, in real-time, and impact-focused.

Now image if…

Students got a second chance at instructions and an opportunity to discuss their own learning through Ai-Live.

Teachers had an accurate record of every lesson to reflect on what they actually said in the classroom through transcripts.

Teachers could get an opportunity to evaluate their teaching, and grow from the evidence of impact through Visible Classroom.

Discover the benefits of Ai-Live for the classroom

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Directly increasing access to learning materials for all students and especially useful for learners who are impacted by deafness, autism, auditory processing disorders and learning difficulties.

Male teacher


Providing teachers with an opportunity to reflect on their teaching practice through our ‘Visible Classroom‘ solution which acts as a catalyst for change, improving the learning experience in the classroom.

Student and parent


Transcripts provide parents with a better understanding of the classroom content so that they can provide consistent support at home.

School principle holding iPad