Introducing LEXI 3.0

The World’s Leading AI-Powered Automatic Captions 

Achieve quality rivalling human captions, at a fraction of the cost. Get ready to experience the future of captioning with the new and improved LEXI 3.0, the world’s most advanced automatic captioning solution.

Elevate your live TV, streaming, meeting or event captioning with brand new features including speaker identification, intelligent caption placement, and much more. And you can access LEXI from any iCap Encode Pro, iCap Encode Basic, iCap Alta, or Falcon Encoder. 

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Why choose LEXI?

  • Independent audits confirm accuracy consistently over 98%: Accuracy rivalling human captions, without the hefty price: Powered by the latest AI, LEXI is fast closing the gap on human captions. It revolutionizes automatic captioning to deliver unprecedented accuracy and reliability, without the sizeable per hour costs typical of human captions.
  • Automated Speaker IdentificationEasily track speaker changes with clear and distinctive chevrons or individual color captions. 
  • Maximize LEXI’s accuracy with Topic Models: LEXI’s AI-powered Topic Models feature greatly improves automatic caption accuracy by recognizing unusual or domain-specific words, phrases, names and context.
  • Enhanced Error Recognition: Up to 40% fewer formatting and punctuation errors, plus up to 60% fewer recognition errors.
  • Intelligent Caption Placement: LEXI’s AI automatically repositions captions to avoid on-screen interference.
  • The World’s Most Legible Automatic Captions: Combined with Ai-Media’s encoders, LEXI delivers seamless automatic caption display and an unmatched viewer experience.
  • Perfectly Synchronized Captions: LEXI delays video and audio to match the natural delay of captions, providing a seamless viewing experience. 
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What can LEXI be used for?

LEXI can accurately caption anything – from TV broadcasts and live streams, to events, meetings, lectures and more.

For a limited time claim your FREE LEXI 3.0 hours to test it out!*


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LEXI?

LEXI is the leading automated captioning service created by EEG. It is a cloud-hosted solution that uses algorithmic machine learning workflows to achieve greater accuracy than ‘out-of-the-box’ automated captions. LEXI’s comprehensive data-learning structure, topic model technology and hybrid workflows make it North America’s leading automated captioning solution.

What is LEXI best used for?

LEXI is a fantastic option for those wanting live captions at a low cost and a higher accuracy than ‘out-of-the-box’ automated captions. LEXI can accurately caption anything – from TV broadcasts and live streams, to events, meetings, lectures and more. 

How accurate are LEXI automatic captions?

Our LEXI automatic captions leverage the latest AI to deliver over 98% accuracy – which rivals the quality achieved by human captions, but at a fraction of the cost.  

What is the price of LEXI?

The price of LEXI varies depending on the specifics of implementing the service into your infrastructure and workflow and your volume of content. Moving from an existing version of LEXI to the new release LEXI 3.0 does not incur an additional cost.

Is LEXI compatible with Ai-Media’s entire suite of encoders?

Yes, LEXI automatic captions work with our entire suite of encoders. This includes: 

  • iCap Alta: A virtualized, API-powered IP video encoder that saves time and reduces costs with next-gen workflows. 
  • iCap Encode Pro: An HD-SDI encoder trusted by major TV networks worldwide, offering low-cost, low-latency caption display. 
  • iCap Encode 4K: A native 12G encoder that allows you to flexibly work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces while encoding in 4K or HD-SDI.   
  • Falcon: A budget-friendly cloud encoder that makes it easy to add captions to RTMP/S streams.  

What is LEXI’s Topic Models feature and how does it work?

Topic models (sometimes also known as custom dictionaries) are databases of specific terms and phrases that teach an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, so it produces the words correctly when it ‘hears’ them. With LEXI, you have the option to add your own topic models. This process makes the live captions more accurate when consumers receive them to their screens.

Does LEXI meet regulatory requirements for the provision of live captioning?

Regulatory guidelines for live captioning vary greatly between countries and regions. While LEXI meets regulatory requirements for quality and time delay in many regions, some countries have specific requirements that LEXI does not yet meet. If you are unsure of your country’s requirements, please get in touch for more information. 

Ask Us About Our Maximum-Security Option, LEXI Local

Protect your data security

LEXI Local delivers live, automatic captions on-premises and off the cloud, meaning elevated security and greater control over your data. And you don’t have to compromise on the performance, precision or quality of LEXI.

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