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Protect your data security with Lexi Local captioning

Lexi Local delivers automatic live captions on premises and without cloud connectivity, meaning elevated security, greater control over your data, and 24/7 reliability.

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Why choose Lexi Local?

  • Maximum security – Maintain complete control over your data
  • Be assured that your captions can be delivered at all times – even in the midst of technical issues
  • Good-quality automatic live captions with all the benefits of Lexi
  • No external networks required
  • Fixed annual cost – Same price for heavy users
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Maximum security

With Lexi Local, no data leaves your network. Businesses and government bodies can use Lexi Local to safely and securely caption internal meetings and events where proprietary information is discussed. It allows companies to provide accessibility while meeting internal data and privacy regulations surrounding classified data.


Disaster recovery for broadcasters

Broadcasters can rely on Lexi Local to deliver captions at all times. It is an on-premises Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for those who have a regulatory obligation to provide closed captioning. In the event of a connectivity outage between a broadcaster and their captioning provider, Lexi Local can be immediately activated to maintain captioning continuity on the broadcast.

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Good-quality live captioning

Lexi Local delivers captions in English and Spanish with more than 95% accuracy. Its machine learning workflows achieve a greater accuracy and lower latency than ‘out-of-the box’ automated captions. The user-generated Topic Models feature enables Lexi Local to recognize topics, use distinctive vocabulary, and observe context.

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No external networks required

Lexi Local eliminates the need for external telecommunications or third-party hosting providers. It can be used to host the iCap protocol inside a private network, allowing on-site human captioners to transcribe without the use of external networks. Lexi Local can also be used by remote human captioners with a customer-maintained VPN.

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