Self-Service Falcon & Lexi Solution:

A phone screen with captions and a man on it

Choose our Falcon PLUS Lexi combination – the only customer-managed cloud-based, self-serve platform for adding captions to your RTMP stream that is easy to set up, manage and scale.

Perfect for in-person and live streamed events, the ease of use and flexible pricing options (monthly subscription, annual subscription or single event package) make this solution an easy choice. This solution is perfect for Event Producers and Event Managers looking for a straightforward and flexible solution.

Falcon is compatible with all other elements within the Ai-Media and EEG iCap ecosystem, which means you can choose to use live human captioning and translations solutions should you need to.

Adding Lexi captioning with your Falcon solution gives you the premier cloud hosted ASR captioning service from the leaders in closed caption technology! You can access Lexi from your Falcon encoder; no hardware required. Simply connect from Falcon and start captioning.

Getting started is as simple as setting up your Falcon Account and then adding Lexi Captioning hours as you need them. Get started today!

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