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Multilingual Services

Open your content to new markets and break down language barriers with Ai-Media’s comprehensive range of multilingual solutions.  

We have the expertise and the cutting-edge technology, meaning we can work with you to find exactly the right solution for your specific translation, interpretation and language needs. 

We help bring people together, regardless of language .

Increase Your Reach

Content in multiple languages has a significantly greater reach than single-language content.
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Translate Your Video with Subtitles and Increase Your Global Reach

Subtitles are the translation of your video’s dialogue into another language overlaid on your video, much like captions. Subtitles are the simplest and most efficient way to share your video in any language. 

The rising popularity of international entertainment consumption means more audiences are now benefiting from subtitles. This is especially true on social media, where subtitled videos are regularly shared across a wide range of countries, regions and languages. 

Ai-Media’s subtitles are available for all videos — longer, full-length feature films as well as short clips perfect for social media. 

Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) include sound effects, speaker identification and other audio information as well as translating the original dialogue. This type of subtitling provides the additional information in the translated language and ensures complete accessibility for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

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Live Translations

Boost Your Audience with Live Translations of Your Content

When you need people all over the world to get your message, Ai-Media enables you to offer multilingual live translations.   

With Ai-Media, your speaker can present in one language, and you can offer your audiences multiple options of languages of their choosing for displayed captions.  

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Audio Interpretation

Speak to Your Audience in their Language with Live Multilingual Translations in Audio

When you need your live content made instantly available all over the world in multiple languages, Ai-Medias one-of-a-kind multilingual audio interpretation solution can make it happen.

  • Supercharge your reach
  • Create access for any language group
  • Add multiple languages on a single live stream
  • Pair with our live captioning services for maximum accessibility
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Document Translation

Accurate, Fast Document Translation When the Details Matter.

When you have essential, important documents you need translated, Ai-Media’s professionals provide highly accurate translations with fast turn-around. 

Ai-Media’s document translation service can translate hundreds of languages and dialects and is available for any document type.  

We are available for any document translation from commercial document translation to technical documents, including medical and legal. And we can preserve your document’s layout.  

Ai-Media can also help with translation to and from right-to-left languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu. For these, Ai-Media can support cursive scripts, rendering of complex text layouts, document layout mirroring, and text alignment for bidirectional languages.

Why Use Ai-Media?

We offer quality translation for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Ai-Media has been proving services that make content more accessible since 2003. As a global solutions provider, Ai-Media’s innovation delivers the highest quality at the most competitive prices. 

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